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Helena Pantsis (she/they) is a poet and writer from Naarm, Australia. A full-time student of psychology and creative writing, Helena uses her knowledge of the human psyche to capture the real and the raw in her poetry and fiction. Notably shortlisted for her fiction in the 2020 Above Water Creative Anthology, Helena has contributed to many online literary journals, and as a lifelong writer and reader, has a fond appreciation for the gritty, the dark, and the experimental.

From March to September of 2019 Helena was a regular poetry contributor for an online magazine formerly known as Dead Eyes Literary Magazine, now ELIA Magazine.Helena was a sub-editor for a publication called Unlearn magazine (which is currently under maintenance) from July to September of 2020, in which she edited personal and opinion essays which focused on the cycle of unlearning and relearning ideals of all sorts, and was tasked with writing new pieces monthly for their editing categories.They are also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Psychology and Creative Writing, and have theoretical and practical knowledge regarding a range of writing—including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, and stage writing.

Twist in Time Magazine → "thisis(not)thewayidie" & "time stays. we go." Rag Queen Periodical & RADICAL: A LIT ZINE: Issue 1, Radical Paper Press → "Wiccan wo(man)" The Showbear Family Circus → "sorry" & "How the Dead are Revered" & "emotional" & "i think my grandma's going to die" Issue 001: FEMINASTY, Jawbreaker Zine → "!!!" Third Edition: Female Utopia, All Female Menu → "Where womanhood is inconsequential" Issue 03: The Fool, Weird Women Co. "vox dei" Issue 11: The Red Issue, Juste Milieu → "Furnaced" Heat Issue, Haloscope Mag → "I DO NOT FEAR THE DEATH OF THE PEOPLE, / I FEAR THE DEATH OF THE EARTH." Issue 4: Friends Forever, All My Friends Zine → "Friendship Shmendship" The I In Politics: A Poetry Collection of Contemporary Voices → "The Colonist's Guide" Issue 01: Renouveau Media → "forestfire" & "Trill" & "Some Type of Warmth" Gone Lawn, 40 → "The Imposter Game" & "There's a pond outside my house, but mum says to stay away"

Above Water Anthology → "Sick" Glitchwords, Issue 5 → "Dead Wood"

Blue Marble Review → "A Recluse in (Non-)Isolation" Unlearn Media → "Unimposing Labels"

Body Without Organs → "A Conversation between Helena Pantsis and Lily Bechtold" INFLUENCE issue, Aspirants Co. → "The World in Words with Helena Pantsis"

unpublished magazine → "Megaphone graphic"