Helena Pantsis

is a writer, student, visual artist, and creator of general chaos. she is the grandchild of a couple of greeks and a couple of cypriots who got on a boat in the 1950s and made home in australia's south-east. majoring in the fields of psychology and creative writing at the university of melbourne, helena creates works which are the culmination of every absurd impulse in her bulbous oversized skull.

[poetry] Twist in Time Magazine → "thisis(not)thewayidie" & "time stays. we go." Rag Queen Periodical & RADICAL: A LIT ZINE: Issue 1, Radical Paper Press → "Wiccan wo(man)" The Showbear Family Circus → "sorry" & "How the Dead are Revered" & "emotional" & "i think my grandma's going to die" Issue 001: FEMINASTY, Jawbreaker Zine → "!!!" Third Edition: Female Utopia, All Female Menu → "Where womanhood is inconsequential" Issue 03: The Fool, Weird Women Co. "vox dei" Issue 11: The Red Issue, Juste Milieu → "Furnaced" Heat Issue, Haloscope Mag → "I DO NOT FEAR THE DEATH OF THE PEOPLE, / I FEAR THE DEATH OF THE EARTH." Issue 4: Friends Forever, All My Friends Zine → "Friendship Shmendship" [non-fiction] Blue Marble Review → "A Recluse in (Non-)Isolation" Unlearn Media → "Unimposing Labels" [interviews] Body Without Organs → "A Conversation between Helena Pantsis and Lily Bechtold" INFLUENCE issue, Aspirants Co. → "The World in Words with Helena Pantsis" [art] unpublished magazine → "Megaphone graphic"